Best Of Weddings 2018 // Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Wow, what a year 2018 was! Thousands and thousands of photos taken at simply amazing weddings, I couldn’t feel more privileged to have been able to document the beginning of these forever lives together. I think my favorite part about creating this montage of the “best of 2018 weddings” was seeing so much sincere JOY and happiness. Often the photos shared are more of the “Pinterest-perfect” shots, but man do the EMOTIONAL ones just get me. So many favorites (hence the crazy long post!) that I could’t be more proud, honored, giddy to share with you all.

A few highlights from weddings this season:

  • The father/daughter dance being “Circle of Life” and ending with the mother of the bride and the groom joining a literal circle with their dance. SO much laughter!

  • The grandfather of a bride sneaking in during the father/daughter dance and getting a minute of dancing with the beautiful bride.

  • A grandfather wearing his late-wife’s pink floral blouse under his suit in honor of her, so she was present too in the celebration of their grandson’s wedding day.

  • The best man’s speech that included a surprise video montage of well wishes from family and friends in the groom’s native homeland of Ireland/the UK. Literally so much love for this couple from around the world.

  • The rainy wedding day at the Red Barn Farm in Northfield, that only a month later was tragically destroyed in a tornado. So grateful to have been able to shoot here and excited for the venue to rebuild.

It was such a unique wedding season for me as we welcomed our son into the world in May and had the summer to embrace the newborn snuggles, and transition to a family of four, leaving my wedding season to be a BUSY late summer/fall! I am so grateful that timing/fate brought me together with the amazing lineup of 2018 couples I was able to work with. I’m so excited to cheer these husbands and wives on in their marriages and continue to follow along with their love stories.

Cheers to all the amazing moments of 2018 and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cannot wait to serve more amazing couples in 2019!

Special thanks to second shooters: my husband, Matt, and Kelly Russo Photography.