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Let me be the first to admit that ‘boudoir’ has a stigma to it and when people hear the word, what may come to mind is explicit/overly sexual photos objectifying women with airbrushing and virtual botox body modification. Nope. That’s not at all what this is all about. The Adaline session is deeply rooted in a tasteful, classic, romantic boudoir experience in a natural lifestyle environment. It is about celebrating real women, real bodies, and throwing insecurities out the door because it is time we redefined beauty and start loving ourselves.

We are all guilty of always chasing that ‘goal weight’. Of losing that last 10 pounds. Of joining a gym (or actually using the membership we have but maybe even lost the card to). As our own worst critics, it’s so easy to point out the negativity of ourselves and our bodies. And well, this just needs to stop. We have one life to live. ONE! Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so let’s stop this crazy never ending game of comparison. Let’s stop seeing our flaws and instead see our beauty and be seriously grateful for the things we have and this life we are living. Let’s stop falling into the trickery of what we see on magazine stands and advertising. Because those celebrities and models, they have been retouched, airbrushed, digitally botoxed, the works to make them look ‘perfect’. I argue this is not perfection at all. It isn’t real and it isn’t what we should strive toward or feel guilty because it’s not how we look.


You know what is perfection? Your crows feet on your face that have come from years of smiling. Years of enjoying love, laughter, and life that have given you happiness. And that happiness is on your face in those lines. For some reason aging became a negative rather than a privilege and we need to reverse this thinking. In fact, that is where the name of this segment of my business came from. The novel “The Age of Adaline” is about a beautiful young woman who suddenly can no longer age. She is frozen in time, and as the story unwinds, you begin to see that even in her youthful beauty, never moving forward yields her no happiness at all. Every day, every experience, every year you get to live your life should be celebrated. Every season of life brings about different parts of you. Engagement, marriage, children, all these things are huge life experiences that impact our lives. What we forget to do in the hustle and bustle of life is take time to love and appreciate ourselves.

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a romantic, boutique, boudoir session


 1 hour session

2 outfits

40+ edited images

Print release

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Woman laying on bed in red romper Adaline Boudoir Minnesota boudoir photography Mallory Kiesow Photography

Preserve Your Session

Nothing hurts my heart more than the thought of your beautiful images trapped on the computer in your online gallery. These types of sessions especially are amazing preserved in a book or with prints:

Minnesota lifestyle intimate boutique boudoir photography book, prints, gift Adaline Boudoir Minnesota boudoir photography Mallory Kiesow Photography


Keepsake Book

A romantic, intimate keepsake 8” x 8” album printed on premium lay flat lustre paper with a vintage leather cover. Features 10 spreads (20 pages).


The Gift Set

Your favorite 20 images printed on 4x6” lustre paper (with white border) packaged in a simple box with kraft filler and a delicate ribbon, ready to gift.



"I had been going back and forth over whether doing a boudoir shoot would be worth it or not for over a year. Finally I decided to swallow all of my hesitations and get in front of the camera with Mallory and I cannot be more thankful that I did. Boudoir has a stigma of being "pin-up" and what Mallory does is so far from that. As women we tend to be our own worst critics and within minutes, Mallory had me feeling like a super model. There is something so empowering about seeing yourself in a photo, especially one of boudoir style. Contrary to what I perceived myself to be, when Mallory quickly showed me an image she had captured, I felt beautiful, I felt sexy, I felt empowered and I left my session feeling all of those things! If you have been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot but haven't done one yet, think no more. You must do this for yourself (and your significant other if you have one) because Mallory will make you feel AH-MAZING!!!" - C.C.


"My Adaline session was incredible! I was very anxious/excited leading up to the day of the session, but Mallory made me feel comfortable almost immediately. I will admit my heart was pounding the first couple shots, but after a few deep breaths and words of encouragement from Mallory, I was good to go! I have always wanted to do a Boudoir session, and when I came across Mallory's post about embracing who you are and your own beauty....I was sold! She made me feel so confident in myself and the nerves washed away! The first time I saw my pictures, my jaw dropped. It was such an amazing and empowering feeling to look at yourself and say, "Wow, I look good!" I think as women we put such unnecessary pressure on ourselves and I had to remind myself that I have someone that loves me just the way I, why not rock it out and embrace my body! There will always be something you want to change or improve on throughout your life, no matter what. But, being completely happy with where you are in the moment is something courageous. I would 100% do it again! And, for those of you who may be contemplating whether doing a session would be right for you---do it! The sense of confidence and love for yourself will wash over you immediately. It is such an empowering and beautiful thing to do! You won't regret it!" -K.P.


"Ladies - don't hesitate to schedule an Adaline session! It's not just about doing it for your significant other - do it for YOU! Be proud of the beautiful body that God gave you, and love yourself no matter what shape and size you are. Mallory helped me be comfortable and do exactly what I wanted, while making helpful suggestions along the way. I loved how helpful Mallory was both before and during the shoot. I was nervous at first, but Mallory is such a talented professional! She knows exactly what she's doing, and she helped me feel confident, sexy and proud of my body for everything it is. This session helped me say "Goodbye, 20's - Hello, 30's!" with class :)" - K.K.

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